Надежные инвестиции и партнерство для вашего проекта

11 июля 2019 в 13:40 (до 10.07.2020) 234815 Санкт-Петербург


  • Надежные инвестиции и партнерство для вашего проекта
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  • Адрес: Golovacheva street
  • Цена: 31000000

Hello, I would like to quickly inform you that I am the business director of the investment company Top Service Investment Group, one of the leading investment groups, we are currently working with various project owners who are looking for an investor to invest in their projects in order to achieve other objectives of the project on time and allocate risks associated with the implementation of the project. We also provide medium and large grants for businesses and individuals.

Please contact our company or send a message to this ad: Top Service Investment Group. Email: (topserviceinvest@aol.com)

You will be provided with additional information. Some of our group criteria are: Waste recycling projects, Energy Solar Oil Gas Park, Hotel and Resort Development, Construction / Construction, Real Estate Projects, ICT / Telecommunications Production, Business Financing, Agro / Food Production and Processing Government Housing Project Start and much other

I really hope that we will have a fruitful cooperation with you.

Sincerely, Alex.